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Experts divide bathing suits into 2 groups: for swimming and summer sport activities, and suits for fitness, aerobics or body-building. Those two groups have significant differences of the cut and used fabrics.

Fabrics that used for bathing suits for fitness normally consist of 20-90% cotton. Therefore may take longer to dry. The swimsuits of the second group are not intended for swimming due to dyeing process.

 Swimsuits created for swimming can also be specified:

-          for swimming

-          for sun bathing

-          as a fashion accessory for impressive beach walk purposesJ

Bikinis that we wear for swimming and sun bathing are made of synthetic fabric – tactile, which imitates cotton or polyamide. Tactile is very comfortable, dries fast, form-fitting the figure and lets your body breath. Tactile of your bikini must have at least 15-20% of lycra in order to keep shape, elasticity and non-fading under hot summer sun.

It is so much easier to choose sexy designer bikini for just for sun bathing. They are usually very tiny so you can get the best tan. You can’t go wrong with Brazilian bikinis in this case. However, the new trend of going healthy is recently well maintained by most of bikini designers. Some of them keep coming out with more covered bikini tops and different varieties of cover-ups to come along.

Bikinis for swimming are made of elastic fabrics that have been tested under the sun (to prevent fading), under the water (to prevent sea water or bleached swimming pool water impact), and also temperature effect. The most durable colors are: black and vinous. The azure color of your hot favorite bikini will more likely loose its brightness compare to other color choices.

Among most comfortable swimsuits for swimming the One-piece bikini takes a number one position. Experts also agrees that One-piece is an excellent choice if you are looking to bring the attention to yourself. One-piece swimsuits have a better fit, and let you be more relaxed, free from fear that something might come out.

If you are happy owner of beautiful breasts, shoulders and elegant neck defiantly go for bandeau bikinis. Don’t forget to show your graceful back with the low cutouts of the bikini. Rectangular cut outs conceal you wide shoulders while rounded cutouts are good for narrow shoulders. And when you try to visually make your legs look longer, your choice will be the deep cutout of Brazilian bikinis.

The color of the bikini can help you in correcting any of your body imperfections. Do you feel self-conscious? Go for pastel checked or vertical striped One-piece. Horizontal stripes should be worn when you try to make your upper body look more proportioned. Experts recommend for those with gorgeous bodies do not wear too colorful pieces which tend to bring the entire attention to its colors.

If you are blond with fair skin and light eyes pick pastel bikinis. Brunets with dark skin may choose from blue, green, azure, yellow, red colors. Brunets with pale skin should go for the brightest swimming suits.