Closer Look at post-pandemic Loungewear basics as told by Salamander April 06 2021, 0 Comments

In the light of Salamander recent artist collaboration with New York based local designer @brooklynrapunzel (Anna Sokolova) we offer a closer look at the hand-crafted luxury loungewear collection made from 100% organic hemp silk, that features fabulous designs offering a fresh take on post-pandemic fashion basics.


Who is your newest loungewear collection is meant for?


Salamander: When working on designs, we had that image in mind of someone with unique sense of style who suddenly finds oneself in the middle of pandemic and has to come out with fashion basics that represent the new way of living with Zoom calls, working from home and social distancing. Basically, a comfortwear that can be dressed up or down depending on occasion. 

Model wearing Salamander Silk Wrap Top and Athleisure Shorts in Black


What was your approach when choosing an artist for this collaboration?


Salamander: We set our eye on Anna almost immediately coming across her profile on social media. Her online presence represents such a genuine amount of love, family values and nature admiration – all the true merits which we all have become awakened to especially facing the recent global event hardships. 



What are you excited about the most presenting this collection?


Salamander: The quality of product! Our Bedroom-to-Street Silk Collection is made from organic silk fabric, which by nature regulates body temperature by keeping it warm in winter and expelling heat in summer. This loungewear is hypoallergenic and has so many health benefits that definitely worth the investment! 



What’s your favorite piece of collection?


Salamander: We are just so in love with the Salamander Silk Athleisure Shorts in Black! This piece is classy, thanks to the front piping details yet the contrast gold stitching makes it so fabulous and easy for creative styling. 

Model wearing Salamander Silk Athleisure Shorts in Black


How would you style the collection pieces in daily life?


Salamander: We see post-lockdown fashinistas wearing our Salamander Silk Athleisure Shorts in Black with crop crispy white shirt, pairing Salamander Silk Wrap Top in Black with summer denim and matching a light knit sweater with Salamander Silk Bermuda Shorts in Black to have their style on point for that hot girl summer look.



Can you share your next move? 


Salamander: Salamander fashion brand would love to see more collaborations like this in the future. We saw fashion industry taking advantage of artists and craftsmen in the past far too many times without even giving credits. We truly want to change the game! There are a lot of talented people out there and if you are serious about your dreams and willing to put in the work, we want to work with you!