Chrissy Tiger's wardrobe mishap at the NYFW! February 12 2014, 1 Comment

Chrissy Teigen, a sophisticated Sports Illustrated model, was spotted numerous times at the NYFW the previous week. Side by side with Petra Nemcova, another gorgeous model that has been featured on the pages of famous issue, she enjoyed front row fashion runways, sharing on social networks that she is "Having so much fun @ new york fashion week".


However, passed Monday at DKNY show Teigen showed a little more than she probably wanted to. Her revealing black strapless crop top was already on the opening side - leaving her at risk of exposure as it came undone due to a broken zipper. It could have ruined anyone's night. But the optimistic and dreadfully charming model simply laughed off the unexpected snafu. While her assistant was fixing her wardrobe malfunction she took a cute selfie posting on Twitter: 'Of course my zipper broke, of course, of course'. We are in awe of you, Chrissy! Mwahh!!!


Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2014 News! February 12 2014, 0 Comments

It is February! A very important month in swimwear industry what means that another Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is around the corner. We are so impatient to see those stunning models with the bodies to-dye-for at they very best, and especially who would appear on the cover this year. For the last couple of years we get used to seeing Kate Upton on the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit cover, but will we spot her there once more? Some says so surely. After her first success in 2012 with the first SI cover that she was spotted, making her a model everyone wanted to work with, and a household name around the world, she has launched herself into superstardom.


Whether Kate gets 2014 cover or not, we are quite certain about some bathing suits that will appear on the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 pages. BeachCandy Swimwear designs have been selected for feature. Brit Barber, swimwear designer of the brand, has recently collaborated with The St. Regis Monarch Beach Five-Star, Five-Diamonds coastal resort that provides the ultimate in luxury and impeccable all-around service to create a couture two-pieces swimsuit that one of the Sport Illustrated models might get to wear this year. The swimsuit is handmade with ornate Swarovski crystal-candied halter-tie top and a sleek high-waisted bottom; both created in the luxury fabric with the second skin-like fit. Valued at $2600, the sophisticated suit is resplendent in black and gold.


Will Kate be wearing this on the SI14 cover this year? We are about to find out soon enough with the new issue everyone is so eager to look at!       

'The Real You is Sexy' says aerie January 21 2014, 0 Comments

In recent years clothing industry has been experiencing multiple attacks from general public about retouched pictures that brands are using for their campaigns. Especially when it comes to swimwear or lingerie since the regular women starve themselves to death in impossible attempt to make their bodies look like something that have been created by Photoshop.

Some of the brands like aerie pick up customers demands for more realistic images. Aerie's new marketing campaign called "aerie real" that comes in response to its own customer asking for help. "It was that constant conversation about, how do I find the right bra?". The retailer goes beyond just showing young woman of different shapes and sizes but also promising not to get rid of freckles, tattoos, scars and other blemishes or changing models proportions.


So tried to accomplish gigantic retailer brand H&M by putting Beyonce on the billboards a season ago. As far as known superstar singer went outraged after they tried alter her body shape in the shots. However the trend didn't seem to go any further than that what shows a new campaign that launches supermodel Isabeli Fontana looking suspiciously bronzed this year. The more intriguing is how public react to this. Apparently, an artist in Germany is placing Photoshop bars on several H&M swimwear billboards throughout Hamburg gaining a cult following online. The person hasn't been identified yet but in his response is a clear message to the retailer what is acceptable and what's not.


Salamander Bikini Shop supports the new aerie's campaign message that "the real you is sexy" and welcomes this very promising approach in helping customers to shop for the right swimwear or lingerie that fits them most.                  

Swimwear that is made of neoprene. January 07 2014, 0 Comments

Why not make swimwear from the same fabric wet-suits and diving-suits made off? Neoprene, the fiber that used in manufacturing wet-suits is a synthetic rubber that gives thermal, oil, water, and solvent resistance which are very desirable swimwear properties. It would take just a little time before swimwear brands start making their bikinis of neoprene which is also well-mixed with acrylic. So far only one brand presented bathing suit that is made of neoprene. A fashion blogger Kier has posted in her blog amazing pictures in New York Noir Bikini by Triangl Swimwear. Check out how sophisticated Kier looks on those pictures! The fashion blogger stated that neoprene swimwear is also very affordable. The bathing suit, she featured on the pictures is only $79! Great find!


Travel guide: what to bring with you on the vacation. October 28 2013, 0 Comments

Summer might be over, but not necessarily for everyone! Perhaps you have already book a trip to paradise and impatiently counting days down to the dream vacation? The luckiest of us are packing the suitcase right now what is never an easy task. How many times you brought the entire closet to the vacation destination and didn't get to wear even the half of it? Some says: I do that all the time! So, here is a guide to the list of minimal things that you can't leave without going to the beach vacation:

- 3 swimsuits. And this is minimum. We don't even need to explain how fast you will get bored of wearing the same bikini every day, and might end up buying a new one on the spot for the price that never cheap. So, bring it from home. Our recommendation will be to pick 2 separates in the same color theme to mix and match looking different without buying something new. Great idea to own reversible swimsuit! We like bikinis by Tyler Rose. The third swimsuit can be an One-piece, that can be worn by the pool side as a bodysuit if pared with shorts or sexy cover-up. Add a statement accessory and favorite high heels and you are ready to party!

1. Paint Splash Bikini by Beauty & the Beach 2. Bikini by Basta Surf 3. Reversible Bikini by Basta Surf 4. One-Piece by Ave Swimwear 5. Fringe Bib Necklace by Ettika 6. Sandals by Charlie by MZ 


- 1 dress and 1 cover-up. Do you want to be as relax as possible on your vacation, don't you? Forget about the hours spent trying to match your favorite shorts with the millions tops that you have brought, just go for a tunic. It's comfortable and gives great summer look if worn with sandals during the day or embraces your sexy side when paired with high heels at night. What if you meet the Mister Right and he even asks you out? That's when you pull the maxi dress out!

1. Clementine dress by Beauty & the Beach 2. Moonlight Maxi Dress by Tyler Rose 3. Sandals by Billabong 4. Pump by Christian Louboutin


- 4 pairs of shoes. You need flip flops and sandals for a beach and a city walk. Don't forget to bring sneakers if you are planning to explore all the city sights or engage in the activities. And those high heels for a special occasion or wedges as an alternative for a big heels haters.

1. Flip Flops by Havaianas 2. Sandals by Agua Bendita 3. Sneakers by Agua Bendita 4. Wedges by CHIO


- 2 bags. Since the most likely the vacation time will be dedicated to sun bathing, make sure that you bring a bright beach bag to carry all the lotions and sun protection with you. For a special occasions we recommend to choose a cross body shoulder bag, so you don't leave it somewhere at the bar while dancing with the new friends.

1. Straw Bag by Caffe Swimwear 2. Beach Bag by Billabong 3. Shoulder Bag by DVF


- multiple accessories. We all have a different taste when it comes to accessories but the most of us agree to bring sunglasses and a hat to the beach as a necessary protection from the aggressive sun. For other needs just use your imagination!

1. Sunglasses by Italia Independent 2. Hat by Caffe Swimwear 3. Wrap Bracelet with Gold Charms by Ettika.

- top, cardigan, capri pants - are all you need to bring if you are travelling not just to lay on the beach but to discover cultural sights of the destination. Through a cardigan when it's cold, and the cargo pants are the good alternative to the jeans that can be too hot to wear in the summer.

1. Cardigan by 525 America 2. Top by Alexis 3. Cargo Pants by Alexis.              


Bikinis on a occasion August 23 2013, 0 Comments

Experts divide bathing suits into 2 groups: for swimming and summer sport activities, and suits for fitness, aerobics or body-building. Those two groups have significant differences of the cut and used fabrics.

Fabrics that used for bathing suits for fitness normally consist of 20-90% cotton. Therefore may take longer to dry. The swimsuits of the second group are not intended for swimming due to dyeing process.

 Swimsuits created for swimming can also be specified:

-          for swimming

-          for sun bathing

-          as a fashion accessory for impressive beach walk purposesJ

Bikinis that we wear for swimming and sun bathing are made of synthetic fabric – tactile, which imitates cotton or polyamide. Tactile is very comfortable, dries fast, form-fitting the figure and lets your body breath. Tactile of your bikini must have at least 15-20% of lycra in order to keep shape, elasticity and non-fading under hot summer sun.

It is so much easier to choose sexy designer bikini for just for sun bathing. They are usually very tiny so you can get the best tan. You can’t go wrong with Brazilian bikinis in this case. However, the new trend of going healthy is recently well maintained by most of bikini designers. Some of them keep coming out with more covered bikini tops and different varieties of cover-ups to come along.

Bikinis for swimming are made of elastic fabrics that have been tested under the sun (to prevent fading), under the water (to prevent sea water or bleached swimming pool water impact), and also temperature effect. The most durable colors are: black and vinous. The azure color of your hot favorite bikini will more likely loose its brightness compare to other color choices.

Among most comfortable swimsuits for swimming the One-piece bikini takes a number one position. Experts also agrees that One-piece is an excellent choice if you are looking to bring the attention to yourself. One-piece swimsuits have a better fit, and let you be more relaxed, free from fear that something might come out.

If you are happy owner of beautiful breasts, shoulders and elegant neck defiantly go for bandeau bikinis. Don’t forget to show your graceful back with the low cutouts of the bikini. Rectangular cut outs conceal you wide shoulders while rounded cutouts are good for narrow shoulders. And when you try to visually make your legs look longer, your choice will be the deep cutout of Brazilian bikinis.

The color of the bikini can help you in correcting any of your body imperfections. Do you feel self-conscious? Go for pastel checked or vertical striped One-piece. Horizontal stripes should be worn when you try to make your upper body look more proportioned. Experts recommend for those with gorgeous bodies do not wear too colorful pieces which tend to bring the entire attention to its colors.

If you are blond with fair skin and light eyes pick pastel bikinis. Brunets with dark skin may choose from blue, green, azure, yellow, red colors. Brunets with pale skin should go for the brightest swimming suits.    

5 Reasons to Love One Piece July 07 2013, 0 Comments

- One Piece is one of the top hottest trends this season ( Mila Yovovich is wearing Chanel One Piece in the July's cover of ELLE magazine);

- It conceals the imperfections of your body and even makes it look more fit;

- One Piece should become one of your favorites if you prefer summer activities over getting tan on the beach. It will never slide up or down and you have pretty good chance to keep it on coming out the water. Another great idea is to wear it for the fun day in an aqua park!

- Can be worn as a top with shorts or cover-up for comfortable and sexy summer look;

- It defiantly brings people attention to you being so different from others wearing bikini separates.

Be different, be yourself!